Cheat-sheets version 1.7


The latest version 1.7 of the Cheat-sheets app is now available in iTunes App Store. It fixes app crashes while composing user feedback email on devices without preconfigured Mail app. This error was identified thanks to Fabric crash analytics tool, which was recently integrated into Cheet-sheets app. So far I made a really good experience with this tool.

Beside this the images for the AppStore have beed updated. Thus Cheat-sheets got a new glance in the virtual shop window of the App Store.


Die letzte Version 1.7 der Spickzettel-App ist ab sofort bei iTunes verfügbar. In der neue Version wurde der Fehler behoben, bei dem die App abstürzte, wenn man versucht hatte User-Feedback zu verschicken und die Mail-App wurde dabei nicht konfiguriert. Diesen Fehler konnte dank dem Fabric Analytics-Tool identifiziert werden, welches seit kürzlich in der Cheat-sheets App integriert ist. Bis jetzt habe ich nur positive Erfahrung mit diesem Tool gemacht.

Außerdem wurden die Bilder für den AppStore erneuert. Jetzt braucht sich Cheat-sheets App nicht mehr im virtuellen Schaufenster des AppStores zu verstecken.


Новую версию 1.7 мобильного приложения Шпаргалки можно теперь скачать в iTunes. В новой версии исправлена ошибка отправки отзыва на устройствах с не настроенным почтовым приложением. Эту ошибку удалось обнаружить и исправить благодаря аналитическим инструментам Fabriс, которые были не так давно встроены в приложение Шпаргалки.

Кроме этого были обновлены скриншоты пиложения Шпаргалки в магазине iTunes. Теперь Шпаргалки по-новому зaиграли в виртуальных витринах iTunes.



Cheat-sheets version 1.1

Cheat-sheets app is now multilingual. Support for German and Russian languages has been added in the version 1.1. Not only the user interface was localized, but also the app title. Thus, Cheat-sheets app is now called “Spickzettel” in German and “Шпаргалки” in Russian.

Cheat-sheets version 1.0

I’m glad to announce a new app Cheat-sheets, which is available since last Sunday in iTunes. Cheat-sheets app is for those of us who just cannot keep hundreds of little things in his head. You can organize your cheats in sheets by topic and access them on your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

The first things I wrote down in the Cheat-sheets app was the clothes size of my wife and daughter, guest WLAN password at the office, the names of my colleagues children, id numbers of my smart lamps, wheel type of my vehicle 🙂 It also turned out to be useful to manage little to do tasks in the app. The more you use Cheat-sheets app in the every day life, the more surprising ideas come to one’s head of new use cases.

Of course, there are plenty of other apps for managing notes, todos etc. They are comprehensive and serve their purpose well. However, for really little things, of one or two words it is really helpful to be able to access them easy and quickly.

I thank in advance the users of Cheat-sheets for your feedback in the app store or per email. It is always useful to know whether the development is going in the right direction and depending on that set priorities for new features.