LieferscheinApp  is nearly the same as HISLIS app but for iOS. It is also a kind of proof-of-concept for IGForms, which is a combination of a White Label app and an engine for developing apps. 





HISLIS  is a digital version of the delivery note for the wood pile transport. It offers a comfortable way to fill wood pile data by scanning the QR code. Delivery note can be exported as PDF, email or csv. 





Shortnotes is a simple app for keeping of all the small things that are not a real note. The notes can be tagged, sorted, organized in folders. Shortnotes can run on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. For more details please visit the product page.






PolterAppPolterApp is a comfortable way to measure wood piles in forest and to note the log stack data like forestry, cutter, forester, price etc. The app includes functions for making photos and showing the wood pile at the google map. For more information please visit the product page.





LogipadAppLogipad is an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution designed to make flight management simple, fast, secure and efficient. The system architecture  consists of the administrative web application and the mobile client applications. The back end system is based on Microsoft Sharepoint. The client applications are implemented for Windows and iOS.








iskv_21ciskv_21c is a comprehensive software solution for German health insurance companies. More than 60 Java developers work on realization of new features. Model driven development and SCRUM are the way to organize the production process.





SalesAppImageSalesApp is a digital marketing folder. It manages marketing materials like pdf documents, video, presentations, images etc. and enables comfortable access to them. The content is delivered to the end users in a role based manner. Different marketing teams receive different content depending on country, time and other situations.




QIAscanAR App

augmented reality appThe QIAscanAR app uses augmented reality to present information about Qiagen’s product and technologies in an entertaining and interactive way. The app was built with metaioSDK and unity3D.





gispadGISPAD is a product of con terra GmbH. It enables the digital collection of spatial data with pen computers in the field. GISPAD offers a wide range of tools for drawing, constructing of point, line or polygon objects. The user is supported by  topographic maps, vector data and aerial photographs. The core of GISPAD is an  object-structured data concept that can be easily adapted for specific use cases. The comprehensive internal mechanisms for managing the object data are the major advantage over similar products at the markt.




ERIGG Tour Guide

erigg tour guideERIGG is a large project that was initiated by two dutch communities Winterswijk and Aalten and the German town Bocholt. It’s a comprehensive tourist information system that involved a cooperation of many organizations, especially Fraunhofer ISST. The technical components that were developed are a WMS server offering cross-border map content, web portal, road network model, mobile navigation system for bikes, content management system for POI management.




Museum Guide

museumMuseum Guide was developed at GeoMobile GmbH for Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone. The mobile application navigates the visitor through museum rooms and displays information on current exponats. The main challenge was the indoor navigation. Due to successful cooperation with FH Dortmund these three realizations of the museum guide can  locate a user with the precision of 2-4 meters. The utilized approach was based on signal strengths of WLAN access poits.




COMPASS 2008. COMprehensive Public informAtion Services System for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing

compass2008COMPASS is a two-years project that was supported by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung) and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Several major German IT-partners such as Fraunhofer ISST, DFKI and T-Systems in cooperation with Chinese research institutes ICT and CapInfo aimed to develop a digital assistant that would be of a great help for foreign tourists visiting Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing.




MONA. Mobiler Notfall-Assistent.


MONA is a research project that was carried out at Fraunhofer Institute ISST. The result of the research activity was a web application based on ontologies. The purpose of MONA is to assist firemen during their missions and provide them with instructions, advises and vital  information. The core of MONA is ontology rules, which facilitate to retrieve context specific information units. For example, depending on current location and weather conditions, the firemen got different instruction on how to act in two similar situation.