Skills and Experience

  • Mobile applications
    Branches: aviation, timber industry, real estate, event guides, museum and tourist guides, navigation systems,  marketing apps, and much more.
    Platforms: iOS, Android, universal: Xamarin, .NET Maui
    Programming languages: Objective C, Swift, Java (Android), C#.
    IDEs: Xcode, Android Studio, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Desktop applications:
    Experience: Geographic information systems (GIS).
    Technologies: GISPAD, ESRI.
    Programming languages: C#, Delphi.
    IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Development Studio.
  • Web applications:
    Focus: ERP and backend systems for mobile Apps.
    Software architectures: client-server, SOA.
    Programming languages: C#, Java as well as scripting languages: PHP, JavaScript.
    Frameworks: Laravel.
    Markup: CSS(3), HTML(5), XML(XSLT).
    Content management systems: Drupal, WordPress, SPING.
    IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans.
    Server: jBoss, IIS, Apache.
  • Databases:
    Experience with databases MairaDB, MS SQL, MySQL and SQLight, Postgres.
  • Tools and notable Skills 
    Source-code-management: SVN, CVS, GIT, TFS.
    Continuous integration: Jenkins, Azure build pipelines, MS AppCenter
    My source code: utilization of Design-Patterns, comments, flexible and extensible architectures
    Fan of: Agile software development and clear and lightweight documentation