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Now it’s very easy to keep all the little things that we cannot remember in one place. Your colleague’s name, license plates, codes, medicine names, bra size of your girlfriend or maybe even todo tasks. Organize your notes in folders and access them on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.


  • Simple adding and deleting notes
  • Attaching images to the notes
  • Text formatting options
  • Import of the text files (.txt .rtf)
  • Organize your notes in folders
  • Changing the sort order of the notes
  • Favorites view
  • Changing the sort order of the favorites
  • Filter notes by tags
  • Favorite notes are displayed in the App Widget (Today Extension)
  • Favorite notes are displayed at your Apple Watch

Shortnotes Pro:

  • Sort short notes by custom order, text and creation date
  • Move Notes between Folders
  • No ads

Shortnotes app runs on both iPhone and iPad. The owners of Apple Watch have additionally a possibility to look through their notes without picking up the iPhone from the pocket.

Shortnotes allows a quick access to one’s notes. New notes are added just in one button tap. Frequently used notes can be added to favorites. Favorite notes are displayed in the notification center of the iPhone and iPad. Thus, the user has an ability to look at his notes without opening the app itself.

Shortnotes app is being continuously developed. Comments and new ideas are always welcome.

Recent Updates:

  • Cheat-sheets Version 2.8
    EN Now we support iOS13/iPadOS and the dark mode! DE Es wird nun iOS13/iPadOS und der dunkle Modus unterstützt! RU В новой версии реализована поддержка темной темы.
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  • Cheat-sheets Version 2.7
    EN In the previous version of the Cheat-sheets app a critical bug made the app crashing during data synchronisation with Apple Watch. This bug is fixed. Hopefully, the app review process by Apple will not take much time. DE Ein kritischer Bug, welcher in die letzte Version von Sipicker reingerutscht ist, wurde operativ behoben. Hoffentlich dauert der ...
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  • Cheat-sheets Version 2.6
    EN Last release the character limit for the note length was built into the Cheat-sheets app to avoid crashes on older devices. Of course, there are users out there with the latest version of Apple Watch and they were surprised of the changes, because they had no problems at all with larger notes on their Apple ...
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  • Cheat-sheets Version 2.5
    EN It became necessary to build into the Cheat-sheets a limit for the character count of the notes to avoid crashes on the Apple Watch. The current character count is 4000. For better overview over the input text properties the total count of word and character is displayed now below the note input field  DE Es wurde notwendig ...
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  • Cheat-sheets Version 2.4
    EN It became possible to restore notes that were deleted by mistake. Deleted notes are stored in the app for 30 days. After that time they are automatically removed from device. DE Es wurde möglich, versehentlich gelöschte Notizen wiederherzustellen. Die gelöschten Notizen werden für 30 Tage in der App aufbewahrt. Danach werden sie endgültig vom Device entfernt. ...
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