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Now it’s very easy to keep all the little things that we cannot remember in one place. Your colleague’s name, license plates, codes, medicine names, bra size of your girlfriend or maybe even todo tasks. Organize your cheats in sheets and access them on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.


  • Simple adding and deleting cheats
  • Attaching images to the cheats
  • Text formatting options
  • Import of the text files (.txt .rtf)
  • Organize your cheats in sheets
  • Changing the sort order of the cheats
  • Favorites view
  • Changing the sort order of the favorites
  • Filter cheats by tags
  • Favorite cheats are displayed in the App Widget (Today Extension)
  • Favorite cheats are displayed at your Apple Watch

Cheat-sheets Pro:

  • Sort cheats by custom order, text and creation date
  • Move Cheats between Cheat-sheets (folders)
  • No ads

Cheat-sheets app runs on both iPhone and iPad. The owners of Apple Watch have additionally a possibility to look through their cheats without picking up the iPhone from the pocket.

Cheat-sheets allows a quick access to one’s notes. New cheats are added just in one button tap. Frequently used cheats can be added to favorites. Favorite cheats are displayed in the notification center of the iPhone and iPad. Thus, the user has an ability to look at his cheats without opening the app itself.

Cheat-sheets app is being continuously developed. Comments and new ideas are always welcome.

Recent Updates:

  • Cheat-sheets Version 2.3 EN The new version might fix the issue during restoring of in app purchases. In particular situations restoring didn’t work. DE Die letzte Version behebt den Fehler beim Wiederherstellen des IAPs. In einigen seltenen Fällen hat diese Funktion nicht sauber funktioniert. RU Исправили ошибку восстановления покупки. В некоторых редких случаях было невозможно этого сделать. read more
  • Cheat-sheets Versions 2.1-2.2 EN The last two versions of the Cheat-sheets app contain performance improvement and bug fixing. DE Die letzen zwei Updates der Spicker-App enthalten Fehlerbehebung und Performance-Verbesserung RU Исправляем ошибки и улучшаем производительность! read more
  • Cheat-sheets Version 2.0 EN With the version 2 of the app we start realizing the advanced features making the app more comfortable and friendly. Keep on staying with Cheat-sheets! 😉 DE Mit der Version 2 der Spicker-App fangen wir mit der Umsetzung der Funktionen an, die den Umgang mit der App noch komfortabler und freundlicher machen. Bleib dabei! ... read more
  • Cheat-sheets Version 1.26 EN We fixed one critical issue, crashing the app on particular devices during text formatting. The coast is clear! DE Wir haben einen kritischen Fehler beim Textformatierung beseitigt, welcher App auf bestimmten Geräten zum Absturz brachte. Die Luft ist rein! RU Исправлена критическая ошибка, которая возникала на определенных устройствах во время редактирования текста. Теперь все в порядке! read more
  • Cheat-sheets Version 1.25 EN The last text formatting feature contained a little bug. The text color at the Apple Watch became dark after applying of text formatting. Not anymore! DE Die Textformatierung hatte noch einen kleinen Fehler. Auf der Apple Watch war die Schrift etwas dunkel nachdem man Formatierung angewendet hatte. Jetzt nicht mehr! RU Исправлена ошибка форматирование текста записей. После ... read more
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