iOS: WKWebView and Clipboard API

How to copy some text into Clipboard with JavaScript within WKWebView? Sounds easy, there are however some gotchas one should know about:

  • The “new” navigator.clipboard API call is asynchronous, i.e. you get a Promise object as a result:
function copyToClipboard() {
    navigator.clipboard.writeText("Some text to copy").then(function() {
    }, function(error) {
        alert('failed with error: ' + error);
  • Important note from documentation : The implementation is available through the navigator.clipboard API which must be called within user gesture event handlers like pointerdown or pointerup, and only works for content served in a secure context (e.g. https://)

This means in particular, you cannot just call navigator.clipboard.writeText where ever you want, but rather within an onClick handler, e.g.

<button name="some name" onclick="copyToClipboard();">Click me</button>

The navigator.clipboard API is supported starting with Safari 13.1